ASUELTO obtains the professionals award of best dance performance at the 31st Feria internacional de Teatro y Danza de Huesca, Spain.

“ASUELTO” is an exploration into the working process of HURyCAN, a look inside reality to reach necessary actions, to understand life as an organism, like the stories of a moving body, which transmit and share what it is: magic and tangible, conceptual and sensitive, beautiful and ugly… Alive.

Artistic direction and choreography: Arthur Bernard Bazin and Candelaria Antelo

Dancers: Arthur Bernard Bazin, Candelaria Antelo, Carlos Beluga, Xavier Auquer Gómez

Musical composition: Sergio Salvi


"Je te Haime" obtains the award of best dance performance, along with Maura Morales, at the 27 International Theater&Dance Fair, Huesca, Spain.

“Je te haime” is an evolution, a reinterpretation, an engrossment towards forwards…


The project represent a learning process that leads us in the research of a personal language based on physical expressivity. A work that questions our limits and essential communication through movement.

We try to discover who we are, boosting the relation with the spectator and our own existence in a communicative space, open for imagination and emotions. We believe in Dance  as  balance,  human  relation,  mixture  between  identities,  bodies,  actions:  a communicative and available language.


The "Te Odiero" project starts in an artistic residency at La Gomera Choreographic Center in the summer of 2011, then in Madrid, the work is presented on stage and find its actual form.


Between 2011 and 2014 the piece is awarded in different contest: 


- 2011 1st. Prize at the 7th International Contest for Dance and Performing Arts of the City of Alcobendas (Alcobendas, Spain).

- 2011 Critic and Audience Prize at the 25th Choreography Contest of Madrid (Madrid, Spain).


- 2012 RCH Prize to the best interpretation in the International Choreographic Contest of Burgos-New York (Burgos, Spain). 


-2012 1st. Prize and Audience Prize in the 18th Contemporaneous Choreographic Contest of Young’s Companies “Synodales” (Sens, France). 


- 2012 1st. Prize and Audience Price in the 7th "No Ballet" International Choreography Competition (Ludwigshafen, Germany).


- 2014 Prize of the XIX Internationalen Wandertheaterfestival (Radebeul, Germany).

2014 tour (outdoors)


Discardio obtains te 1st Prize at the Vallecas First Choreographic Contest, Madrid, Spain.


​​​Dance and choreography:

Candelaria Antelo and Arthur Bernard Bazin

Direction: Ana Catalina Román​​​


photo: Marcos